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Treasure Chest - Vintage

Treasure Chest - Vintage


20,000/-  Mirror

All prices Inclusive of GST.

The vintage variant has a bold new alloy anchor badge & embossed branding.

The polished look gives a modern touch to the artefact.


Download Technical Specifications

  • Art

    On popular demand  - Refined neat finish in solid ash wood and outstanding craftmanship of embossed pattern. Vintage in true sense ... 


  • Engineering

    Plug and play mechanism. Precision engineering that ensures smooth noise free operation. 
    Sensor based switch triggers bar into action.
    State of the art safety mechanism.
    Built in mood lights.
    Invisible hardware.

  • Utility

    An artefact that is admired for it's beauty, the vintage trunk converts the corner into bar area with no effort and within no time. Bar can only be operated with electronic switch so the owner is the master of the bar having complete control. However the beautiful craftsmanship of this unit, coupled with a similar finish mirror gives no hint that it is a home bar cabinet. Infact, when coupled with a mirror everyone thinks its a vanity table!                                                      

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