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PO Box 69

PO Box 69


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PO BOX69 is a compact light weight personal bar that operates with a rechargeable battery pack, giving freedom to mount the bar anywhere. 

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  • ART

    Design concept of PO BOX69 is inspired by the post boxes of olden days. PO BOX69 is engineered to open upwards or downwards. Can be mounted on any wall or even become part of existing bar. 

    PO BOX 69 is a quality product by nobar, a Luganowood brand.


    Close-packed engineering makes way for maximum utility space. PO Box 69 operates with a soft touch mechanism. It includes a magnetic chargeable battery pack, giving you complete control of your bar.


    PO Box 69 is a great personal bar to keep your favorite drams safe and secure. Storage for 4 bottles, 1 glass and a hatch to keep bar accessories make PO Box 69 a complete personal bar. PO Box 69 is also a unique gifting option

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