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Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale


All prices Inclusive of GST.

The centre table features drop down side panels, offering more storage space.  60 glasses & 8 bottles of fine wine.


Download Technical Specifications 

  • Art

    Redesign living room with magic and frivolity. The Drama, The thrill and The Timing. Catch the glittering eyes of your visitors when you show off the bottle collection ... Let the drink and gossip flow.....


  • Engineering

    Plug and play mechanism.
    Sensor based switch triggers bar into action.  
    State of the art safety mechanism
    Built in mood lights.
    Invisible hardware.

  • Utility

    Fairy Tale is a premium center table which transforms into a home bar. No need to create additional space for a home bar cabinet. Hidden Bar emerges smoothly, from the Fairy Tale transforming the existing sitting area into lounge.

    Side panels drop down to reveal your collection of fine wines / glassware and accessories. Sensor based switch can be carried in pocket -ensures complete control to the owner.

    Store your fine wine / bar accessories & glassware all around the table. 

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