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OLO is a personal home bar like no other. It's also a side table with a lamp. 


Download Technical Specification

  • Art

    OLO is shaped like a bucket with a pirate face cover which holds the secret bar. Quite like the treasures held by the deep blue sea. The design evokes as much mischief as perceivable and this cute looking bar is going to serve you a long way!

  • Engineering

    Plug and play mechanism. Precision engineering that ensures smooth noise free operation. 

    Sensor based switch triggers

    bar into action.

    State of the art safety


    Built in mood lights.

    Invisible hardware.

  • Utility

    OLO is a side table with a lamp but OLO also holds 2 bottles, 2 Glasses,  an Ice Bucket, Cigar Holder & an Ashtray and all this is your personal treasure, your secret. 

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