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Matryoshka - Wood & Metal is a majestic credenza - A bar shelf with embossed design on metal.

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  • ART

    The design concept of Matryoshka is based on the Russian nesting dolls. Typically 6-8 pieces of decreasing sizes that fit into each other.     This credenza unit made of european wood and supreme quality finishing, with the new Metal design, Our most premium offering. In Russia Matryoshka represents motherhood and fertility. Matryoshka is a quality product by nobar, a Luganowood brand. 


    Plug and play mechanism. Precision engineering that ensures smooth noise free operation. 

    Sensor based switch triggers

    bar into action.

    State of the art safety


    Built in mood lights.

    Invisible hardware.


    Matryoshka is a credenza unit or a side table but, our customers have used the Matryoshka in more ways than one. It takes only a little space when closed but opens up to reveal a full bar shelf Bar shelf has capacity for 100Kg (About 50 bottles+ glasses and accessories). Matryoshka can also be used to create partition or as an island bar.

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